Linda Owsley RN BSN

Linda Owsley | Owsley Plastic SurgeryLinda Owsley RN BSN is a baccalaureate prepared Registered Nurse with more than 15 years in the cosmetic industry. With a distant background in Emergency Nursing, she found her passion in making people feel good about themselves. Linda’s unique talents enable her to see beyond the lines of the aging face. In order to restore the natural balance of volume and harmony, Linda has studied the aging face for over a decade.

It takes more than squirting a product into the face to maintain a youthful appearance through the decades. It takes experience, an understanding of the aging process, and the ability to address your specific anatomy and aging concerns. Linda will bring about dramatic changes, without loosing sight of who you are. When Linda is not creating beautiful faces, or cultivating an enjoyable staff, she enjoys spending time with her family, playing Dr. Doolittle with her dog, and riding her mule.

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